25 years of joy
and health

The association was founded on November, 10th, 1995 with its head office located in LaSalle, province of Quebec, in Canada.

More than 100 members and a dance group

Today the association has more than 100 members that support our activities and a dance group named Volent les papillons.

The membership is free and open for everybody

Being a non-profit organization, membership is accessible to public regardless of age, race, religion, ability or physical condition.

The association

The nonprofit community-based organization namely Association Chinoise de méditation, de santé et de joie was founded in 1995 by David Wong Yut Chan

Its objective is to accomplish a mission to provide health, self-defense, flexibility and an effective means of alleviating stress and anxiety; contributing toward maintaining and improving residents’ quality of life. Activities offered mainly on the Tai Chi form, Tai Chi Sword and Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan. Tai Chi is a type of martial art very well known for its defense techniques and health benefits. It has been considered to be a form of meditation in motion which promotes serenity and inner peace. As a form of exercise, it combines gentle physical exercise and stretching with mindfulness. Tai chi also appears to reduce pain and the symptoms of depression in some cases. It is safe for people of all ages, as it does not put too much stress on the muscles and joints. It's universallly recognized as a practice and it has become a prescription gave by western doctors as a healthy tretament after surgery.

The styles we teach

Join our members and practice

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is chosen by the general members to serve as the operating mind of the organization. The Board is responsible for taking decisions and exercise a management role in the organization's chain of command.

May Loh, President

She has been president first from February to September 2015; and from February 2017 and on. As a president she works in the organization of all government communication and making decisions. Then delegates the rest to the Board of Directors.

Rongfu Yang. Co-president

He practices different styles of Tai Chi, such as Yang, Wu, and Sun. He is responsible to update the website and replace the presedent anytime necessary.

Fredrica Williams. Treasurer

Appointed as Treasurer in October 2020, she has the care and custody of all funds belonging to the organization and shall be solely responsible to collect fund for any upcoming dues.

Francine Bourassa. Secretary

Appointed in October 2020, Francine is in charge among other tasks she is responsible of answering emails and request of contact in French.

Mu Yan. Administrator

She began to act as administrator of the Association in March 2019. She is the director and instructor of the dance group Volent les papillons.

Nancy Zhou. Administrator

She began to act as administrator, as the Secretary General of Montreal HuaXia Art Groupe, she leads the line dance team to join the Association in October 2020.

Yulia Henegar. Administrator

She began to act as administrator of the Association in May 2018 and as an administrator she is expected to exercise a direct supervisory and management role in the organization.

Merlyn Mendez. Assistant Secretary

Appointed in October 2020, Merlyn helps Francine to answer emails and request in English. She has seen the benefits of practicing tai chi and qigong on her general well-being.

Our Teachers

Meet those who teach us


Selina, an 82-year-old lady with over 30 years of martial arts experience.
In addition to having knowledge of the 4 styles of Tai Chi - Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun, she is proficient with Wudang style sword and Qigong, saber (dao- 刀) and stick . She also won 9 gold and silver medals at Montreal martial arts competitions.
While her job is not a Tai Chi teacher, she is ready to share her knowledge, her passion for martial arts. She would like to teach the beginners' courses on a voluntary basis in our association.

Yao Jin / Meng Gang

They are a couple who love outdoor activities.
That’s how we found them leading a
big group of tai chi lovers at the Angrinon Park.
They are very flexible in the movement and
very humble to learn from whoever is better than them.

Wen Hong Ding

Wen is the six generation of the Yang Clan.
His teaching is unique. He explains the function
of each mouvement and the exact position
of the hands and legs. Also the breathing
to bring out the best effect of Taichi.

Xiang Mei Xia

She is also the vice-president. She sepeaks good
English which is well liked by the members.
She's very precise in teaching. She's able to adapt
herself at the learning speed of beginners.
She has won the Taichi International
Champion in 1999.

Yu Ying

Not to mention her achievements in China, she
recently won a gold medal in the Quebec Jiangmen
Taichi competition. She is versatile. She is able
to teach Taichi 24, 42, 85, Kung Fu Fan
and many other forms, you name it, she will do it.

Theresa Xu

Since 2005 Theresa has been awarded by the Chinese
martial arts eight sections. Her martial arts taught
by the famous Tai Chi couple Li De-Yin
and wife. Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan is Master Li's hard
work and is also the 11th Tai Chi gold medalist
of the Olympic Games. Li is also the
author of 48, 42 Tai Chi quan and sword competition
teaching materials, as well as the national television
teaching program. Li is also the international
referee training course guidance teacher.

Guanming Zhang

Guanming Zhang is a strict, perfectionist and jovial teacher who taught us the form of Tai Chi 32 sword at Angrignon Park during the pandemic throughout the summer of 2020.

He loves sports from a young age and started playing it in his fifties, that is, for over 20 years. Immigrated to Canada in 2003, he often leads Tai-Chi practices in Angrignon Park. Well-loved and very popular with all who know him.

Mrs. Ma Junli and her husband Mr. Xie Benli

Mrs. Ma Junli loved to dance since she was a child. With her passion, she has performed Line Dance for almost 20 years at Montreal area. As a teacher of the Line Dance devision of Montreal HuaXia Art Troupe, she has taught how to perform Line Dance since the beginning of the year 2018. Since the beginning of pandemic, she has produced tutoring videos that allows members to learn Line Dance from home on a weekly basis.

Practicing Hours


  • Angrignon Park, Monday to Friday 9:00-11:00, From July to August


  • At LaSalle Boulevard corner Bishop Power, Saturday 9:00-11:00, From July to August


  • Volent les papillons
    Centre Sportif Dollard, 707 75e Avenue, LaSalle, QC H8R 3Y2, Sunday and Monday 14:00-17:00, September-June


  • Hua Xia - Line Dance
    Centre Sportif Dollard, 707 75e Avenue, LaSalle, QC H8R 3Y2, Saturday 10:00-13:00, September-June

* Courses are free.
An insurance fee is requested from members. If a new member joins the association between December 1st and May 31, the fee is 25.00 CAD. If it is between June 1st and November 30th, then the fee will be 12.50 CAD (half a year).

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